b'History of Priest Lake State Parkby Lonnie JohnsonIboardedaFinally, funding was secured in 2000 to Greyhound bus inbuild a new Headquarters building.In 1984 in Minnesota and2002 staff moved into the Headquarters came out to Priest Lake Statethat we now know.ParkforaseasonalmaintenanceThe Park Store pre-dates the park, having interview.I instantly fell in love with thebeen built and privately operated by Ed area and continued to work two more seasonsChambers under a concession agreement with the goal of someday becoming the park managerwith Idaho Department of Lands in the at this pristine "Crown Jewel of Idaho."In 2010 my dreamearly 1960s.Ownership of the ground came true.The history of Priest Lake State Park is filled with memoriesthe store sits on and the concession lease and continues to make memories for thousands of visitors each year. oversight was transferred to IDPR along During the late 1940\'s, Diamond Match Company had a loggingwith the purchase of the Indian Creek camp on the site.We have had reports from park users that they hadproperty.In 1994 the park bought the camped at Indian Creek in the early 1950\'s, before there was even astore building and equipment and began campground.At that time the property, endowment lands ownedoperation of the store with park staff. by the State of Idaho, was under the management of the State ForestWhen under private ownership the store Timber Protective Association.Sometime in the 1960\'s, the Idahowas part bar and part grocery store.Department of Lands assumed management.Idaho Department ofIn 1921 Nell Shipman, an early pioneer Parks and Recreation (IDPR) involvement began shortly after theirin the motion picture industry, visited creation in 1965.In 1966, IDPR formally took over the managementthe Lionhead area to shoot some scenes of the property and in 1972, purchased it (along with the Lionheadfor a movie being filmed in Spokane and and Dickensheet Units) from the State Endowment Fund using Federalreturned a short time later to establish her Land & Water Conservation Fund monies.own movie studio at the Lionhead boat There have been eight managers at the Priest Lake State Park overlaunch area.the years, starting with Ernie Jefferies in the early 1960s, then WayneToday the six campgrounds and group Waters, Larry Stevens, Don Higginson, Max Newlin, Larry Townsend,campthatmakeupPriestLakeState Bud Justice and now me, Lonnie Johnson.Park,Dickensheet,IndianCreekand Early on there were no defined campsites, and people were free toLionhead have a combined total of 151 pitch a tent or park their trailer wherever they desired.Indian Creeksites, two boat launches, cabins, group in the good ol\' days also received visitors of another kindfourcamp, day use areas, beaches, trails and legged and furry.The park was quite famous for its bear population.recreational opportunities year-round. Many long-time campers have stories of close encounters with them.Priest Lake State Park has something for everyone, and this year, 2020, marks the In 1967, the Indian Creek campground was redeveloped with55 thanniversary of the Idaho Department designated campsites, running water and electric/sewer hookups,of Parks and Recreation:1965-2020.It\'s flush toilets and showers.There were 134 campsites, most withoutbeen helping you make lasting, outdoor hookups.By the late 1970\'s that number had been pared down to 92. memories for 55 years!The Park Headquarters building has gone through a lot of changes through the years.It was first located in the Managers residence. Then the building was moved a short distance down the road toward the lake.It was then moved to the upstairs of the store building. Local experience is key to buying or selling a home at Priest Lake. I have first hand knowledge of the area and am readily available for showings, no wait time.28392 Hwy 57, Suite 1Priest Lake, ID 83856Cindy Rehbock, AB Realtor509 991-7049cindyr@propshoppe.com6 Priest Lake, Idahowww.priestlake.org'