b'HUCKLEBERRY PICKING by Eileen K. BarbieriThere is something very satisfying about being in the wilderness and onesomething about their acidic level aiding the with nature with an abundance of little purple berries surrounding you.Thosehuckleberries to grow bigger.When you do deliciously tart and utterly scrumptious huckleberries are just waiting for youfind a bush, turn or lift the branch gently like to pick and take them home to add to your favorite recipe or to make jam. a bear and viola!Theres what youve been looking for.Picking huckleberries is such a fun experience whether youre a pro or a novice and completely addicting.Youll want to keep going back for moreThere are many different types of after you return from your first adventure. huckleberries.Some are red, some are deep blue and others are dark purple.Theres no Heres what you need to get started: rule about which ones to pick.Grab them all!Together, they make a special huckleberry Some good hiking boots or your favorite sneakers. magic that the whole family will love.Jeans (Not your designer ones,Youll definitely get a stain or two on them!) or comfy long pants. Depending on the weather and how warm or A long sleeve shirt. cold its been around July 4 ththe berries can A container to hold your gold.A gallon milk jug works well and abe found at lake level.Afterwards, youll have bandana so you can tie the jug to your belt or pant loop.This way youto go up in elevation as summer progresses.can use two hands instead of one for picking.Youll need to cut out a hole opposite the handle at the top of the jug. Always remember thishuckleberry picking Pack some water and light snacks.Chocolate is always good to put inis fun as long as you dont do it too long.If your backpack. you have little ones picking with you plan on Grab your best friend because you never want to go alone.(Bears alsobeing out actually picking no longer than 1-2 steer clear when they hear voices.) hours.This makes it so you all want to return the next time.Lastly and most importantly, TELL someone where you are going!Once you get your berries home DO NOT You are now ready to go out and get your berries! WASH THEM!!!Place them on a dish towel Where do you go and what do you look for you ask?You may be oneto clean them and pick out your leaves and of the few fortunate ones who can step outside their cabin and walk to astems that happen to fall in your bucket.Now huckleberry patch.Or you can drive to your favorite trailhead and go foryoure ready to make your homemade dish of a hike while in search of your berries. Huckleberries are abundant on bothhuckleberries.To freeze for future use, place sides of the lake.Head out in the early morning:bugs are fewer; the sunberries on a cookie sheet individually.Once isnt scorching (especially during the hot summer days.You want to spendfrozen, you can then put them in a plastic that time in and on the lake.); and the berries are larger and more plump infreezer bag or freezer container.Theyll keep the morning.Look for shaded areas where theres good drainage.Berriesup to one year.are big and juicy where water is accessible.Find old cedar trees.TheresGood luck and happy huckling!42 Priest Lake, Idahowww.priestlake.org'