b'Kathy and I will have been married 20 years this July and wood boats play a big part in our summer festivities. Kathys family has been at the lake since the 30s, always having a wood boat tied up at the dock. Dick Boge, my father-in law and his 1959 18 Century Resorter and my brother-in-lawMikeBogewithhis196418Century Resorter would make the trip to Elkins for the annual Priest Lake Dry Rot wood boat show each year. Kathy & Your Priest Lake I soon followed with our own boat, a 1954 18 Century Vacation Destination SeaMaid, joining our family in the annual tradition. Over the years we have met more Priest Lakers doing the same, attending the Dry Rot as a family tradition. Book Now: Fastforwardafewyears,wehavebecomemore involved, taking over the Priest Lake Wood Boat Show Airbnb.comfrom Dick & Louise Werner and Mike & Carrol Hutchison, VRBO.com long time Priest Lakers. So, if youre at the lake over Labor Dayweekend,comeseethewoodboatsonSunday morning at Elkins Resort and Sunday afternoon at Hills Resort for Gin Fizz. PriestLakeNorthernExposure.com Check out our website priestlakedryrot.com. Kathleen 208.946.1762 See you on the water, Brian & Kathy Fair29'