b'Hiking and Snowmobile Trails AppWhetheritsasimplewalkinthewoods,access togreatfishingorhuntingspots,mushroomand/or huckleberry picking, a strenuous bike climb or ripping upasnow-coveredmountainsideyouhungerfor, the PriestLake Trailssystemprovidessomethingfor everyone year-round.Takeaminutetodaytodownloadthisincredible exploration tool and find great new ways to explore one The Priest Lake Trails App is the perfect navigationalof the largest and best-maintained trail systems in the tool for adventure seekers coming to Priest Lake for thecountry, the Priest Lake Trails system.Priest Lake isnt firsttimeorthehundredthtime,thatallowsuserstojust a place - its an experience!!!! quickly find the perfect route to a one-of-a-kind PriestSearchfor PriestLake Trailsatyourfavoriteapp Lake experience. store or priestlake.org for the link.The hiking trails are sorted by degree of difficulty: easy, moderate and difficult.Various hiking directions and photos have been updated. The snowmobile trails are listed as family rides, great views and high mountain ridges.Check with local agencies for any recent closures.TheHikingandTrailAppnowincludestwonew sections for your enjoyment. Nordic skiing is featured with links to the groomed trail report, locations and photos. Thepopularfourwheelersandfourbyfourshave endless miles to explore at Priest Lake.The snowmobile map opens numerous options for the seasoned rider.16 Priest Lake, Idahowww.priestlake.org'