b'Name DatePriest Lake Crossword Puzzle(Key # 1 - 701036)Priest LakeComplete the crossword puzzle.ACROSS3 Delicious berry that many people enjoy picking in the1 2summer time3 5 Smallest island on Priest Lake6 Fun hike on the eastside of4Priest Lake leads you to this (2 words) 5 6 7 8 This bird risks its life to eat gravel off of Highway 57 (2 words)89 The most majestic bird in the Pacific Northwest (2 words) 10 What is the name of the9biggest bottom dwelling fish 11 The most popular winter sport in the Priest Lake area1013 This rock formation resembles something that sits on top of your house (2 words) 11 12DOWN1 Lookout that survived the firestorm in 1967 (2 words) 13 2 Priest Lake silent movie actress (2 words) 4 This male mammal can weigh up to 850-1580 lbs. 7 Priest Lake landmark that was constructed in 1906 (2 words) 12 This island has several houses on itThe puzzle was created by the Priest Lake Elementary School Answers can be found on Page 1035'