b'The Shoe Treeof Priest LakeIn the mid-1940s, a Forest Service Blister Rust crew was tasked with tearing down an old Blister Rust camp in the vicinity of what is now the Shoe Tree Campground.After the camp was dismantled and the crew was hiking out, one of the crew members grabbed an eight penny nail and nailed his worn out logging boots to a large cedar.That large cedar was the beginning of the Priest Lake Shoe Tree.That one simple act was followed by hundreds of others nailing their shoes to the same tree over the next sixty five years.Thus was born the Shoe Tree of Priest Lake.Late on July 15, 2010, a fire lookout spotted a fire and summoned the Priest Lake Ranger District.One of the crew membersResponding to the call, fire fighters found the grabbed an eight penny nailShoe Tree engulfed in flames, with shoe remnants and nailed his worn out loggingdripping to the ground.Fire fighters successfully boots to a large cedar. Thatcontained the human caused fire to only the Shoe large cedar was the beginningTree.of the Priest Lake Shoe Tree. Jill Janecek Cobb, HydrologistShoe Tree after firePriest Lake Ranger DistrictWe are yourlocal Composite Decking Headquarters41 Old Diamond Mill Road, Oldtown, Idaho 208-437-3153AlbeniFalls.comRailingsDeckingDocks17'