b'Mushrooms!BoletusEdulis,KingBolete,Cep, Porcini.Theseareallthesame mushroom. Bulbous gigantic, delicious, PRIEST LAKE GOLF COURSE rare,hamburgerbun-like;these describe this true king of mushrooms. Growingonlywhenconditionsare perfect, this fungus will either be rare orextraordinarilyabundant.They seem to prefer sprouting under spruce, hemlock, or white fir. Creek beds are an excellent spot to look, especially with WelcometothePriestLakeGolfCourse,NorthIdahosHiddenGem.old growth trees.Located across the street from the Tamrak Shopping Village and just down theKingBoletsaresodeliciousthat road from Hills Resort, our golf course offers spectacular beauty, all set in aeverythingeatsthem:amaggot, relaxed setting just minutes from the lake.slugs,squirrels,deer,and,ofcourse, Our 18-hole par-72 Championship course has a little something for playersmushroom lovers. Fried in butter there of all abilities, offering four different Tee Boxes including the champions tees atis no better mushroom in my opinion. over 630 yards.Set amongst the rolling hills with plenty of challenging carry- Tasting nutty and meaty, theyre almost overs, wetlands and ponds, not to mention the lake nearby, you wont want tosteak-like. Dried, they add a heavenly leave! taste to any meal theyre cooked with. Come check us out!Were ready with renovated bunkers boasting newOccasionally they grow in June, but white sand and a brand new fleet of Club Car golf carts!Were also a great placearefarmorecommoninSeptember to have a group outing, small event or golf tournament!Give us a call!andOctober,theclassicmushroom We open for the season in early May and look forward to seeing you outmonths.Beautifulchangingleaves there! andgorgeous,plump,full-bodied mushrooms mean that autumn is here. COOLIN CIVIC ORGANIZATION & Almostasdelicious,andfarmorePRIEST LAKE SPRING FESTIVAL common,istheAspenBolete, LeccinumInsigne.Meatyandrobust, Housedina1914one-roomthis is an excellent mushroom. Its dark schoolhouse (the Coolin Communityredcapandwhitestalkwithblack Hall) is the home to the Coolin Civicdusting are a dead giveaway. The best Organization(CCO)whichprovidesthings about this mushroom are that resourcesforthemaintenanceofitgrowsallsummerlongandloves CoolinPark,andforourbuildingroadsides and trails! The first one I ever which functions as a center for localsaw was on the side of highway 57 at eventsandasanauxiliarydisaster60 m.p.h, they are that obvious!relief center for the Priest Lake area. Asalways,becarefuleatingwild TheCommunityHallprovidesspaceforactivitiessuchasmonthlymushrooms. Be 100% positive of your potlucks for all that want to come, exercise classes, a weekly bridge group,identification before eating them. Even handicraft get-togethers and more.The building has full kitchen facilitiesthen,completelyediblemushrooms and is available for rent for meetings (community groups, etc.) and eventscan cause stomach upsets with certain (wedding receptions, birthdays, etc.).Call 208-443-3201 for information. individuals.Buyamushroomguide At the Community Hall each year the CCO provides a free Fourth of Julybook,thebestbeingMushrooms Ice Cream Social (on July 4th) and hosts its annual Sell It out of Your TrunkDemystified by David Arora. Try to go Sale on the Saturday of Labor Day weekendno cost to sell!! with an experienced hunter, and enjoy And FINALLY, the CCO sponsors the Priest Lake Spring Festival duringtheadventureofidentifyingallthe the Memorial Day weekend each year.This is a two-day event, Saturday andmushrooms you can.Sunday.Visit us on priestlakespringfestival.com.Were also on facebook.com/ By Woody VenardCoolinIdaho.#plspringfest41'