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Kevin and Carol Bennett

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The McArthur Lake Reservoir is adjacent to US 95 about 18 miles north of Sandpoint and 13 miles south of Bonners Ferry.
There are approximately 600 acres at The McArthur Lake Reservoir providing waterfowl, big game hunting, fishing and wildlife viewing.

McArthur Lake WMA provides excellent Canada goose nesting habitat. Elevated nesting platforms are used and ground nesting also occurs. Thirteen species of duck visit McArthur Lake each spring and fall.

American coots breed and nest here and occasionally number over 1,000 during migrations. Merriam’s turkeys are frequent visitors.

White-tailed deer are abundant year-round. Moose are also common residents, mostly observable during June when they feed daily on aquatic vegetation in McArthur Lake.  Waterfowl hunting is popular until freeze-up, usually in November. The Wildlife Management Area is also frequently hunted for white-tailed deer, black bear and moose. Many people visit the area to view wildlife, particularly in June for moose and during the peak bird migrations in spring and fall.

More info:

McArthur Lake Reservoir Wildlife Management Area
Idaho Department of Fish and Game
2750 Kathleen Ave.
Coeur d'Alene, Idaho 83815


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